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11/01/2009 06:16:00 PM ·

Every year, my male friends Golf Myrtle Beach at some of the most well known and popular golf courses. It seems that the men just require this time to reflect with each other, and of course, they get to play with perfect clear skies and a view of the many luxurious resorts around.

I'm sure many of you ladies can relate. One day, we are having on a nice conversation over dinner and the next, the men are planning a golf weekend with their buddies. Of course, I can't say it's all one sided. I'm usually the one on the internet looking for Myrtle Beach Golf Packages since I'm a total guru at finding the best deals at all the best courses and resorts. I have been to some of course a couple of times, although for the most part I am driving the golf cart and sunning myself. Hey, it's a hard job, but sometimes it's absolutely necessary.

Myrtle Beach Golf is world famous, even gaining the title "Golf Capital of the World". There are over 120 courses, including some miniature golf courses for the children. Some of the most well known of all the courses are:

  • Arcadian Shores Golf Club
  • Arrowhead Country Club
  • Barefoot Resort and Golf Club
  • Burning Ridge Golf Course
  • Grand Dunes Golf Resort
  • Myrtle Beach National Golf Course
  • River Oaks Golf Plantation
  • River Club
  • Willbrook Plantation

The most important aspect to remember when planning you Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations is that most of the courses are open to the public, which simply means it makes it easier to find resorts close to the courses to want to play. I think golf packages are a perfect gift for men or women who love to golf in a beautiful location on a flawless course.

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