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11/13/2009 07:05:00 AM ·

As a student that spends most of her time on the web looking for resources and interesting stories to reference, I find that at times it's difficult to find all the information in one setting. I like real time Web search engines like leapfish which give me an advantage and a more efficient platform that's convenient and fun, therefore providing me a more personalized web experience.

Depending on what search engine you use to find references or just reading material, I am sure that on more than one occasion you have typed in the word and were presented with options that didn't meet your initial search. Therefore, you spend even more time looking for the material and not completing your task at hand.

I dove into the adventure of real time web by visiting Leapfish to see what everyone was talking about. I typed in the word Archaeology and got so much more than I expected. The return of information was staggering, giving me options for reading material, video, sharing on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg. Not only that, the search results were separated in a way that I had never seen on any search engine before.

The results are divided into sections including:

  • Images
  • Blog Results
  • Wikipedia
  • Video
  • Shopping on Amazon and Ebay
  • Twitter Feed
  • News
  • Web
I am quite floored and highly impressed by the innovation and organization of this new Real Time Web Experience. Not only that, I have now found a place that I can share all of my findings with my friends, without leaving the site at all. That's revolutionary and unrivaled!


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