Greek Festival in Daytona Beach

11/15/2009 03:22:00 PM ·

What a day it has been. I was looking for a relaxing and laid back day that included great food like spanakopita and baklava, so where did I end up? Well, after driving around Daytona for 30 minutes, waiting 30 minutes for a shuttle that never came, and walking over a mile to get to the St. Demetrios Orthodox Church for a cold beer that I never drink until today, I made it to the Greek Festival.

This was the first festival I had been to in several years. I used to attend the Greek Festival in Daytona, Ohio near the Art Institute of Dayton. I had so many fond memories and high expectations for this festival today. Although, it did seem that making money was the focus, instead of sharing the culture. I guess I was expecting more personally made crafts and trinkets, tours of the church, and more dancing. Although, I'm sure no one had enough to drink at 4:00 pm to lose themselves in the Mandolin players melodies. The night was still young I guess.

I was thrilled, however, that the ladies in the church allowed me to take pictures of the altar and the beautiful ceilings. For that, I am grateful. It was a day of much needed adventure and my feet are yelling at me right now. Ouch!

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