Diamonds are Not a Girls Best Friend when Their Bloody

11/10/2009 09:36:00 AM ·

It's hard to imagine that that the diamond industry is still under the looking glass when it comes to Blood Diamonds. However, when the first mines were originally set up, many groups of people lay claim to their holding, until Cecil Rhodes starting buying up all of the claims.

De Beers Consolidated Mines was formed in 1888 by the merger of the companies of Barney Barnato and Cecil Rhodes, by which time the company was the sole owner of all diamond mining operations in the country.

So what has changed since the establishment of these companies? I'll let the video speak for itself. If you own diamonds and you have just an inkling of curiosity as to where they came from during the early 90's to around 2001, I urge you to watch this video.

It's shocking and it helps people recognize that their contributions into the diamond industry helped fund years of civil war and murder of innocent people.

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