The Strange Obsession of Dr. Carl Von Cosel

10/12/2009 01:02:00 AM ·

The story of Carl Tanzler , otherwise known as Dr. Carl Von Cosel, has to be one of the most bizarre and creepy tales of Necrophilia I have ever heard.

In 1931, a bacteriologist was working in the Marine Hospital in Key West where most of the patients had tuberculosis. He grew fond of a young women named Elena Hoyos who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. He made romantic gestures and showered her with gifts, however the feelings were not reciprocated.

Hojos died in October 1931 at her parents home in Key West and Cosel paid for the entire funeral, even gaining permission to construct a mausoleum in the Key West Cemetery that he visited almost every night.

In April, 1933, Cosel removed Hoyos corpse from the mausoleum and transported back to his home via a toy wagon. He reportedly said that Elena's spirit would come to him when he would sit by her grave and sing a Spanish song; he also says she would tell him to take her from the grave.

Cosel attached the corpse's bones together with wire and coat hangers, and fitted the face with glass eyes. As the skin of the corpse decomposed, Cosel replaced it with silk cloth soaked in wax and plaster of paris.

As the hair fell out of the decomposing scalp, he fashioned a wig from Hoyos hair that had been collected by her mother and given to him not long after her burial in 1931. After filling the corpses abdominal and chest cavity with rags to keep the original form, he dressed Hoyos' remains in stockings, jewelry, and gloves, and kept the body in his bed. Cosel also used large amounts of perfume, disinfectants, and preserving agents to mask the odor and prevent the effects of the corpse's decomposition.

If you'd like to hear the entire warped story here's a video from Bio.

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