Smooth Music: Blast From the Past Jackie Wilson

10/16/2009 04:18:00 PM ·

Now when I say smooth, I mean smooth as silk and as shiny as a new pair of dancing shoes. Jackie Wilson was the epitome of musical genius, and do you know when I actually figured that out?

I was around 15 years old and I preferred dancing to this type of music rather than the loud and obnoxious sounds of heavy metal which was tearing up the musical charts at the time.

It's this type of artist that hits you deep in your gut and makes you want to move around in you computer chair, although your kids or husband sitting next to you think you're nuts.

Here's some of my favorite songs from Jackie Wilson, so if you feel the need to get up and groove, by all means put it on a web cam so I can see how funny all of you look. lol

This was the very first song I ever heard by him. It never gets old.

Look at this man move.

Oh Yeah! Who could ever forget Lonely Teardrops. One of his best I think.

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