Pistols at Dawn for The Pesky Parakeets

10/03/2009 04:52:00 PM ·

R J Evans says "When does a pet become a pest? When they escape and go back to the wild? For a while the number of escaped Parakeets in London remained small and toleration was the name of the game. After all, London has a long and proud history of welcoming foreigners to its heart and making them its own. So it was with the parakeet. However, their numbers exploded in the late nineties and many now see them as a pest. From the beginning of 2010 open season on the cockney parakeet will be declared.

Kept first as pets, at some point in the late sixties some Parakeets made a bid for freedom in London. For decades they were treated as an exotic guest and viewed with a mix of bemusement and pleasure. Not anymore. Read more about Pesky Parrot

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