The Best Murder Ballads and True Crime Music

10/28/2009 10:24:00 AM ·

A murder ballad recounts the details of a true crime, often of an almost mythical nature. Many of these traditional ballads originated in England, Scotland and Scandinavia. Notable murder ballads, modern style, were written and performed by such artists as Nick Cave or Bruce Springsteen. Here is my Top Ten of Murder Ballads, both traditional and modern style.

A murder ballad tells us who is the victim, why this person was killed, how the murdered lured him or her to the murder site… and of course the act itself is recounted, followed by the escape or capture of the murderer. Usually the ballad ends with the murdered in jail, on his way to the gallows (or the electric chair), sometimes with a plea for the listener: “Don’t do the evil deeds I have done!” Read the entire list of murder ballads at Musicouch by Patrick Bernauw

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