Attention Daytona State Math Students: Cures for Math Anxiety

10/28/2009 06:47:00 AM ·

Many of you know that my fiance, Kelly Wade, is a math genius at Daytona State College. He's extremely helpful and patient with his students, however at times I believe that it's frustrating to think that all of that hard work goes down the drain when the students actually sit down and take their tests.

Math anxiety is not something new and many people have it. I personally have spent my entire life with anxiety, so during math tests in High School I would choke. However, you get to a point when you ask yourself, is it anxiety or it the fact that I don't know the material as much as I should. That's your anxiety!

To put quite honest, I made an enormous change to the way I was studying and preparing for my math exams. So to assist all of the students that have recently asked me what to do in the case of math preparation, I'm going to give you some pointers that worked for me. I went from being a C and D math student to an A student in no time at all.

  1. The night before the test, are you getting to bed early?

    If you're not getting enough sleep, that's the worst way to start. You can't take a math test when your tired, everyone knows that.

  2. Are you eating breakfast and what are you eating?

    If you are not eating in the morning before the test, to put it simply, your brain has no energy, nor will it be able to pull out the information that you need during a test if it has no energy. Just like you, the brain is a muscle and it needs a steady food supply to stay on top of it's game. Not eating is a recipe for failure!

  3. Are you doing all of you homework?

    The more homework and time you put into it, the better the results will be when you are actually facing test day. In my case, if I ever have problems with a signal method in math, I made sure I spent my time working problems using that method until I become so proficient that it became tedious and boring. Sounds ridiculous right? It's not, trust me, because when you actually see that problem on the test that you've worked time and time again, you may just be able to do this time. Not doing your homework is the key to failure.

  4. Are you using your class time wisely?

    Are you asking questions when you don't understand a new concept or are you to embarrassed by the fact that the high school students that just had algebra are snickering under their breath at you. I mean, come on.

    It comes to a point when you have to grow up and decide whether you want to make something of yourself. Those students that continue to not ask questions and hide in the back of the class will still be there next semester while your applying to a medical program or graduating with a professional degree. That brings me to my 5th point.

  5. Do you sit in the back of the classroom and hide?

    Do you ever wonder why the people that sit in front always get better grades than you? Is it that their smarter or more confident? Yes, that could be true. What about drive and determination? Sitting in front signifies something, and if you can't figure out that fact, you need to rethink why you're in college in the first place. If you want to be successful and you don't want to miss one point of a professors lecture, sit in the front with the smart students. You may find your IQ actually increases by sitting in the front, as opposed to the high drop in IQ sitting in the back with the students texting on their Iphones.

  6. Are you coming to class everyday?

    If the answer is no, I have no sympathy for you. This is tough love people. Come to class!!!!

  7. Are you utilizing every resource you have to succeed?

    There are hundreds of resources available for you to succeed in your math class. Going to tutors, visiting different math professors to learn a different method, asking your parents, joining Trio, etc.

  8. Are you copying the answers to your lab and not working the problems?

    Well, I can see this is becoming an issue. On many occasions, I have seen students pay others to complete their labs online and in the learning center. People are always watching, and if you get caught, you will be thrown out of school.

    You must make an attempt to work out the problems, then look at the answers on the board. Copying isn't helping anyone, least of all you. When test time comes around and you're getting 20% and 30% on the tests, yet you're acing your labs, a red flag goes up. The professors aren't stupid and they will figure out you have been cheating.

    My best advice, this is coming from an A math student mind you, work out the entire lab. If you get stuck, go to the board and get the answer, then work your way towards that result.
Practice, practice, practice!

Secret Breakfast Jumpstart before a Math Test:
Monster Mocha drink and a snickers. Tons of sugar for your brain. You will be in overdrive during your test and you'll feel like a genius.

Sugar for anxious people like myself during a test=No Anxiety

Chocolate= Happy Math Student=A+

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