The Triond Anthology: Volume III

9/11/2009 05:43:00 PM ·

The Newest Triond Anthology is out, so if you have the time, these articles are focused on every subject, from poetry to travel. You asked for more creative writing, so I'm delivering.

For those unfamiliar, Triond is a social writing site; and a gathering forum for some of the best undiscovered talent on the internet. The list of authors, artists, and poets who have gone on to success is long and varied. Here you will find a collection of writing from some of the premier authors of today. You will find the collection amazingly diverse… men and women from all over the world; young and old. The styles vary greatly, from short tongue in cheek pieces to some rather epic in nature selections. From the macabre to romantic, all sorts frequent the halls of triond . Whatever your tastes… Short Stories , poems, how to articles, political, cultural, or religious pieces… You’ll find it here. The common thread being that they are written by some talented authors. Read more of the Triond Anthology

Compliments of Mnofdichotomy

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