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9/29/2009 12:58:00 PM ·

Okay Blog is a free blog hosting site powered by Wordpress blogging software. You can create a blog at your own url provided for free by The most important aspect of setting up your blog at this location instead of using blogger is that you get to play around with the wordpress themes or choose one of your own. It's a great site for beginners! You have free reign to post whenever you want, there are no restrictions on content, and the fact that's it's free sounds pretty great to me.

Okay blogs has several options for you to make your blog a success including:

  • easy to use widgets and tools
  • several wordpress templates and themes for you to choose from
  • ways to make money like AdSense

When I initially started out my blogs a year ago, I found the templates to be completely boring and I just felt that the overall message I was sending with my sites was not the one I was trying to. That's why I definitely think if you are just starting out and you want the option to make your blog look the way you envisioned it, you must try Okayblogs.

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