Haunted Places in Hawaii, Florida, and California

9/14/2009 03:22:00 PM ·

Victoria Blackmore has put together an impressive list of haunted locations in Hawaii, Florida, and California. Of course, all of you already know how much I love ghostly haunts, paranormal activity, and stories of gruesome murders so I love stumbling upon articles like this.

Aiea – Aiea High School – This school is built over an ancient burial ground and there have been reports of strange figures in the R building area and strange noises have also been reported all over campus.

Ford Island – BEQ 51 – Witnesses have heard footsteps, the galley doors open and shut by themselves(these doors are locked at night), they have felt cold drafts of air in the same location, also, a figure walking from the mess decks wearing dungarees and a white hat has been seen.

Hamakuapoko – Hamakuapoko [former land division and town] – between Paia and Haiku – This place holds great power. Once a thriving plantation town complete with sugar tycoons’ mansions now razed, the only remaining structures is the former location of Maui High School; which is now a research facility. It is said that this area has many ghosts roaming this former land division. Ranging from ancient Hawaii, to missionary and plantation days, there are many spirits that wonder through out this region. Among them are choking ghosts that target students playing ‘hooky’ [not in participating school session]. There are also reports of a spirit of a girl who haunts the girl’s bathroom in old Maui High. Hiding in the now boarded up restroom, you can hear sobbing and crying behind the doors.

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