Five Sexual and Psychological Experiments

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No one really knows what drives scientists or psychologists to partake in sexual and psychological experiments that are warped to the normal bystander, but completely revolutionary to a bright young scientist trying to have their work published for the fame and gratification. These individuals that have traveled to the point of no return in the name of science will stop at nothing and try anything.

History has given us some of the more recognizable experiments of Vladimir Demikhov, Jose Delgado, Luigi Galvani, Dr. Yang Dan, and many more; however, these tests are some you may have never seen or chose to look away from because of the nature of the situation.

The Heart that Keeps Beating


John Deering, an inmate that had been scheduled for execution in October 1938 , volunteered for an experiment by Dr. Stephen Besley, the prison doctor. The experiment was set up for Deering to be shot through the chest while the electrodes attached to his wrists and chest measured the heart beats. The disturbing nature of the experiment revealed that the heart, which was initially racing at close to 120 bpm, shot up to 180 when the shots were fired, indicating that the prisoner was more afraid of the outcome of the experiment than he let on.

"The next day Dr. Besley offered the press a eulogy of sorts for Deering: He put on a good front. The electrocardiograph film shows his bold demeanor hid the actual emotions pounding within him. He was scared to death."

Sexually Explicit Turkey


Martin Schein and Edgar Hale of the University of Pennsylvania embarked on a bizarre experiment of determining what excites a turkey? A harmless experiment that started out by removing parts from a turkey model one by one. The male turkey continued to stay interested until the researchers were left with only a turkey head on a stick. Not only with this curiously funny that the turkey still felt excited by the head, but when the layers of the head were peeled back and all that was left was wood, the turkey was still interested.

The Rat that Turned itself On


In 1954, James Olds and Peter Milner of McGill University discovered that the septum, when stimulated, created intense sexual pleasure. They initially tested rats, inserting wires into them, and found that when the rats figured out they could excite themselves by pushing a lever attached to the wires, they banged it a couple thousand times.

The Initiation of Heterosexual Behavior in a Homosexual Male

In 1970, Robert Heath of Tulane University decided to test whether repeated stimulation of the septal region could transform a homosexual man into a heterosexual. The homosexual man was fashioned with Teflon electrodes that were connected to his septal region, leaving him with the ability to stimulate himself by using a lever. As the man's libido kept on increasing, Dr. Heath decided to bring in a 21 year old female prostitute to dangle in front of the man. They did indeed have a sexual encounter, so by that result, Heath found the experiment to be a success. Although, "the man drifted back to a life of prostitution, but he did have an affair with a married woman."

Would you like to go back to my Room?


In 1978, Psychologist Russell Clark from Florida State University embarked on an interesting experiment that proved which sex was more open to a sexual encounter with a stranger. Students were made to go out around campus and proposition members of the opposite sex. The results were not at all surprising, revealing that men are more open to sex with strangers than women, leaving us with this thought to ponder. Why is it that the attitudes of women and men are so different when it comes to sex?

Here's a fun fact:

Did you know that the condition Diabetes Insipidus comes from the word "Tasteless"? Years ago, the only way for doctors to diagnose people with this condition was to drink the urine and figure out if the taste matched the symptoms.

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