What are CMF Ads?

8/06/2009 07:54:00 PM ·

I stumbled upon this ad network when a friends from twitter told me about them. Honestly, at first I was a bit standoffish. I have never used this type of service before, but I knew the results I was having from other ad networks was pretty dim.

So what can CMF Ads offer you?

CMF Ads is an advertising network that aims to provide low cost, no-nonsense advertising by providing their member with these great resources:

  • Low prices - pay as little as $0.25 for a 30 day ad.
  • A stable economy - all funds in the system are paid for.
  • Run unlimited ads - it doesn't matter how many ads you choose to display at a time. Ads will rotate randomly. This is called ad space sharing and it's how we keep the costs as low as possible.
  • User-configurable ad prices - change your price as often as you like.No advertising tax - publishers earn 100% of the price paid for ads placed on their site.
  • One login ID - no other ad network allows you to have just one login ID to manage publishers, advertisers, post on our forums, place network ads, and use our ticket system.
  • Great blogging forums - our forums provide a central location for bloggers to exchange tips and get help.
  • One balance per user - even if you have multiple sites, your balance is shared across all of them. When placing an ad, a simple drop down list allows you to choose which site you're advertising with.
  • Cash out without the wait - you can cash out your account funds for 50% of the purchase price.

    The bloggers at CMF objective is to give you the opportunity to earn money while building a steady stream of traffic. You will gain exposure by placing your ads on different sites, and you will build relationships with the wonderful people there.

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