Tru Tv: The Ultimate Real Life Thrill Caught on Video

8/26/2009 10:14:00 PM ·

I'm a sucker for seeing truTV videos that cause actual pain to people partaking in extreme sports and experiencing some out of the ordinary situations while on vacation. But trust me, I think all of us are a bit curious in these situations and think to ourselves, what were these people thinking?

In one video, a marine biologist took a trip to the Everglades to study a rare man eating fish, and what happened next was straight out of a horror movie. The fish started leaping into his boat and into his head, and all the while he was laughing in hysterics. Wouldn't you?

My second favorite truTV video was a Lawyer on vacation that decides, well maybe I'll try bungee jumping. What the heck, I'm got the money and I have no fear in the courtroom, so this should be easy for someone like me.

Trust me, I've bungee jumped before, it's no picnic the first time around. I had to actually be pushed off the platform in Mexico when I went at 18 years old on Spring Break. Of course, after the fact, I just wanted to do it again.

In this case, the lawyer plummets to the ground after his cord breaks, and if you want me to say it was a terrible situation, I will agree, he actually lived through it.

Just as a warning, if you feel like watching these videos for any reason, besides just entertainment purposes, just remember that "the stories are real, the effect is actual."


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