Times are Tight: Save Money with Online Coupons

8/05/2009 06:44:00 PM ·

Now that I've gone back to school and I don't have the restaurants anymore, I have to watch my spending habits. Like my mom, I'm a huge sucker for online deals and coupons. Several months ago I found an online coupon site that offered deals and discounts for many of the top retailers. Just do a really Easy Coupon Search , and you'll find coupons for Walmart, Target, Amazon, Sears, Kmart, and many other prime retailers.

I visit Walmart and Target at least twice a week, and recently with the price increases at both these stores you have to arm yourself with coupons, otherwise you'll empty your wallet.

I know many people aren't used to printing coupons from their computer, but let me tell you, with the state of the economy you have to do what's necessary to save money.

The first time I ever used this service was for Deluxe Coupons to purchase checks and deposit slips for the restaurants. They have so many coupons, I just kept printing them out.

I think the best coupon I have found so far is $225 off on all Inspiron Laptop when you spend $899 or more. I was looking for a laptop to take to school with me when I started back in August, and a Dell or Hp are the only computers I use, so this was an awesome find.

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