Switzerland: Setting the Standard In International Green Travel

8/25/2009 11:29:00 PM ·

Fuldera: Fuldera, a tranquil and enchanting village of simple rustic pleasures, off the main valley road. For hiking, its green meadows full of wildflowers and beautiful larch forests are especially inviting.

When you initially choose a green vacation, do you ever take into consideration why the location you are traveling to earned that reputation?

With it's high mountain peaks and spectacular green valleys, it's no wonder that the residents promote an Eco-friendly, sustainable Switzerland.

Not only is the electricity in Switzerland mainly generated from hydroelectricity and nuclear power, but this act of conservation cuts down CO2 emissions, meaning cleaner air and crystal clean water. Furthermore, they are the world leaders in recyling, charging their residents for garbage removal, which initially allows for the residents to consider recycling everything they can. This will in turn save the environment and it will save them the cost in trash removal.

As Americans, we can learn a lot from these green practices. It's never to late to change our habits.

I think that's what initially got me interested in travel to Switzerland was the fact that the scenery was unblemished. There were still beautiful mountains and green pastures, along with the local animals that grazed the fields. It's a wonder of nature, and as a enormous nature enthusiast, it's somewhere I would love to spend a week just biking the friendly trails, while staying at a luxurious green resort in the mountains. Clean air is wonderful for the body and soul, don't you agree?

Of course, after those long days of grander, you will have to have a place to relax and unwind, and the most wonderful place that I have found to stay and visit was The St.Johan Cloister, a site registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. What was really appealing to me about this location was the construction itself. As a student of Archaeology, I have a huge appreciation for monasteries, churches, and fortifications, so a chance to experience a location like this in the middle of Eco-friendly environment is my idea of a perfect holiday.

Of course, times of contemplation and solitude in a beautiful country like Switzerland can be a challenge for many who are accustomed to a more urban lifestyle. However, with my knowledge of the area and the historical significance of many of the hotels, mountains, and other locations, it's quite easy to convince my family that a vacation to Switzerland is a wonderful choice.


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