Robert Hansen: Alaska Murderer

8/19/2009 09:05:00 PM ·

How is that these individuals go completely undetected, especially with the way the media sensationalizes even the most ordinary of stories. This was the case of Robert Hansen.

Alaska is the last frontier still in existence, but even in such a beautiful and majestic place, high-powered business men were trophy hunting, and not for wives.

Robert Hansen was born in 1939, in Estherville Iowa. He was an odd child growing up, being bullied and taunted by his classmates because of his stutter. He was destined to become one of those school spree killers.

In 1963, Hansen moved to Anchorage, Alaska where he became a champion hunter and successful businessman. However, with that power came greed. Hansen desired control and wanted to experience the terror of a person being hunted for sport.

For three years he flew his victims, often prostitutes, in his private plane to the Knik River Valley.

He would then release his victim to stalk and kill her with either a hunting knife or a .223 caliber Ruger Mini-14 rifle.

It wasn't until one of his victims escaped, prostitute Cindy Paulson, went to the authorities and identified Robert Hansen as the man that kidnapped her that he started to be investigated. Interestingly enough, he wasn't considered a suspect, even denying the charges by Paulson.

However, when a body turned up that had been cleanly killed by a experienced hunter, the FBI started to refocus on Hansen.

The police secured a warrant and searched Hansen's house on October 27, 1983, uncovering jewelry belonging to the victims, newspaper clippings about the murders and an array of firearms — including a .223-caliber Mini-14 rifle.
In all, Robert Hansen killed close to 21 women, most them being disposed off with his hunting knife or saved for an obscene obsession.

He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison and is now imprisoned at Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward.

Interesting Links:

Alaskan Exposure gives an interesting perspective on the Alaskan Hunting Culture, with an emphasis on the ridiculous notions of Sarah Palin that sport killing is just what they do.

You might even wonder if I’m unduly obsessed with hunting, a wacked out “liberal tree hugger” as some of my hate mail proclaims. But I want to press upon you the fact that hunting is EVERYWHERE in Alaskan culture, it is so in your face at every corner it is impossible to ignore. I’m not exaggerating or looking for something that really isn’t there. Trust me, if I could I would prefer not see the ubiquity of killing animals for pleasure in my daily life.

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