Remarriages and Stepfamilies

8/09/2009 12:58:00 AM ·

Chris Stonecipher discusses the affects of remarriage and the statistics are quite surprising. In my personal experience with my mom and her new husband, I have to respectively disagree. Although I maintain no personal contact with my step siblings, I still really respect them and their father.

Eshleman & Bulcroft (2006) discusses remarriage stability and claims that second marriages often end at a higher rate than the first marriage. It is claimed that “33 percent of first marriages had disrupted after 10 years. For second marriages, the proportion disrupted after 10 years was 39 percent” (p. 564). Researchers have suggested that re-marriage instability, dissatisfaction, and earlier divorces may occur due to incompatibility and finding mates that have relatives (or in-laws) that are more willing to leave a relationship. This produces few role models for remarried couples. Some forms of incompatibility are marrying into different socio-economical statuses or an age gap that is spread where there is little in common with each other. Read More about Remarriage and Stepfamilies

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