A Mysterious Puppet Master Haunts the Triond Writers

8/15/2009 10:08:00 AM ·

This week has been bizarre and a bit strange. All of you are probably quite familiar with the word "trolls" in the forums and on several websites terrorizing writers with petty comments and insults. However, this Triond puppet-master has taken it to a new level, taunting the writers with brilliant words and cryptic clues into his or her past.

He insists on being a writer on Triond, but in my opinion his words are a bit to cunning and crafty to be just ordinary. He claims he's been watching my work and many others. It's a mystery to many right now, but for me it become a treasure hunt.

His One Piece He wrote

A Dumb Blonde is Throwing Breadcrumbs Into The Toilet!

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