The Monday Montage: Nature Travel and Photography

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I sit in classes that paint pictures of ancient civilizations and geological formations that are close to 300 million years old and I think to myself, why doesn't everyone appreciate these marvels of nature. For centuries, these locations were overflowing with rich cultural heritage and societies that appreciated the nature around them.

Nature and Landscape Photography

Scar House, Arkengarthdale
0.43m • © paul c
Canal in Autumn
Swinsty Reservoir from Fewston Embankment
1.04m • © Kate Jewell
River Esk
0.72m • © Margaret Clough

The River Esk is a river in North Yorkshire, England that empties into the North Sea at Whitby after a course of around 28 miles (45 km) through the valley of Eskdale, named after the river itself.


Grand Canyon

Arizona Waterfalls


The most famous of Arizona’s waterfalls are all mostly located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation which is just west of the Grand Canyon along the Havasu Creek which is spring fed so the waterfalls do not dry up and loaded with minerals leading to a lovely blue-green hue in the water and pools below the falls. In 2008 the Havasu Creek area experienced massive flooding which has altered the landscape and waterfalls along the creek. Arizona Waterfalls by Joe Dorish

Mauna Loa - The River of Lava:

Mauna Loa is the most active and largest volcano in the world. It s name is Hawaiian for “long mountain.” It is located on the big island of Hawaii and it stands 13,682 feet about sea level. The crater at the top of this volcano is 4 square miles and almost 600 feet deep. This crater’s name is Mokuaweoweo. The last time Mauna Loa erupted was in 1984 and it is still considered to be an active volcano which could erupt again at any time. By Juliane Elliott

Gemini Springs Natural Park

Gemini Springs was a great place of commerce and government during the early days of the Florida frontier, and the city of DeBary. In the 1800’s, farming of citrus, timber, and the tapping of longleaf pine trees for turpentine, were of great importance on the land. By Lauren Axelrod

Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves

Eisriesenwelt is situated inside the Hochkogel mountain in the Alps. It is the largest ice cave in the world, extending more than 42km and visited by about 200,000 tourists every year.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs is comprised of several cells that are continuously changing. The shelves are adorned with natural living growth that appears in several different color variations.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Gamirasu Troglodyte Hotel is located in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey near Urgup. The hotel boasts 18 rooms that have been completely restored and reopened in 1999. The hotel is situated in a retreat that has been there for over thousands of years. This hotel is a perfect honeymoon and wedding destination.

Daintree Ecolodge

Located in Queens land, Australia, this resort is nestled in one the oldest living rain forests boasting 15 lovely villas in a tree house setting. It perfectly secluded for romantic honeymoons and secret rendezvous’.

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