Monday Montage: Marine Mania and Everything Aquatic

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According to history, the original concept of "ocean" goes back to notions of Mesopotamian and Indo-European mythology, imagining the world to be encircled by a great river. The world was imagined to be enclosed by a celestial ocean above the heavens, and an ocean of the underworld below.

Marine Creatures

Siamese Fighting Fish

Blue Tang

Clown Fish

Mandarin Goby

Mandarin Dragonet Goby Pictures, Images and Photos

Sea Dragon

Fish come in many shapes and sizes. This is a sea dragon, a close relative of the seahorse. Their leaf-like appendages enable them to blend in with floating seaweed.

Lion fish

Head on view of a Red lionfish

Articles and Interesting Facts

Anne Lyken Garner says "the so-called Devil’s Triangle is found North West of the Atlantic Ocean. There are several documented cases of aircrafts, ships and boats which have disappeared in this area. So frequent are the accidents which have occurred in this region, that popular myths and paranormal explanations are now associated with the Triangle." Read More about the Bermuda Triangle: Plane Crashes and Other Disappearances


According to Greek Mythology, Poseidon was God of the Sea and the “Earth-Shaker” of earthquakes. It is he that controls the plan of the oceans to destruct and destroy. Six of the World's Most Deadly, Dangerous, and Disastrous Oceans and Seas

A kelp forest typically occurs in cold, nutrient-rich water and is among the most beautiful and biologically productive habitat in the marine environment.

The coast of California is home to one of the most spectacular kelp forests in the country. Within the confines of this massive forest of kelp there lies an abundance of fishes, invertebrates, algae, marine birds, and marine mammals. Kelpmania

R J Evans says "Have you ever wanted to visit another planet but don’t quite have the wallet power (or for that matter the decades it may take for commercial space flight to Mars to become available)? If you want and out of this world experience you could try, as an alternative, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. It is one of the landscapes on planet Earth where you may feel that you are somewhere else in the universe entirely." Read about the Sea of Salt

Nobert soloria Bermosa says "Corals grow in clear and shallow water up to depths of 60 meters or 200 feet. These organisms depend on sunlight although they can catch small fish and planktons. Most corals are found in tropical and subtropical waters." 25 Important, Unique and Colorful Corals in the World


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