It's Never to Early to Start Buying Christmas Cards

8/20/2009 07:37:00 PM ·

Every year it seems I wait until last minute to finish my Christmas shopping, along with sending tons of personal and business christmas cards to everyone I know.

The funny thing is, I always say I'm going to do it differently the next year and I never follow through, so this year I made a change. I figured since many of my recent decisions, like going back to college and selling the restaurants were actually choices that led me in the right direction, I would keep the train rolling on the right track.

Now, all of you know that I love being creative and sending one of a kind gifts, so when I found a site that allows you to personalize your Christmas cards before they ship, I was thrilled. I now have the ability to think of a cheerful one liner for the heading, a blessing or a message, and I can even add my own logo or pictures.

Personally, I like having the ability to say what I want to say on a holiday card, instead of settling for an often simple and unoriginal Christmas greeting.

On a side note, the holiday card's featured here are two that I am planning on using for the holidays. What do you think?

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