Halloween Costumes: What to Wear this Year

8/04/2009 10:38:00 AM ·

At 31 years old, I still enjoy driving over to Ebor city for Halloween in one of those sexy Halloween costumes that you may think you can't pull off, but when you actually get to the club, there are people with hamburger hats on and you think, maybe I did make the right choice.

This year is no exception for me. I've always loved dressing up for Halloween, even if I'm only handing out candy. One year I went as Trinity from the Matrix and the year before that I was a sexy chef. I actually made a dress out my chef coat. I'm not kidding! Hey if I can slip and slide at the back of restaurant with a chef coat on, why can't I make my coat into a dress?

I always have to be unique and I always plan ahead, so I need some help. It's been a really stressful year, and I want to celebrate the end of it in style.

Here are the choices:

The Border Babe

The Blueberry Muffin Babe

The Sexy Pirate

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