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8/08/2009 12:24:00 AM ·

Recently, I have been fascinated by the cultures and civilizations of the Mayans. So when I stumbled upon lucedelcielos article about the beautiful country of Guatemala and her travel experiences. I had to share.

Travel is tedious in Guatemala. The streets are narrow in the cities, so most natives walk, ride a bike or a motorbike. However, if you need to commute a farther distance, there are cars, trucks and buses that will bring you safely to your destination. The buses that are used look more like American school buses, and they probably aren’t the best equipped for the treacherous, unpaved roads. However, they are more effective than walking. Just be sure to be prepared for a long, bumpy ride. For shorter distances, such as driving to the next town, most use a car or a pick-up truck. Read more about Guatemala

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