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Just recently, I was going back over all of my posts looking for weaknesses in SEO and page rank. I noticed many people had added comments with absolutely no value whatsoever, and on top of it, they left their url to their site. This in turn has leaked my website rank. I had no idea considering when I initially started this blog close to a year ago, I was a bit green on the practice of SEO and Google pagerank.

However, with the help of many professionals and friends, and a ton of research on my own, I have some tips to control your sites page-rank with Google. I will also let you in on a couple of secrets of what not to do.

Maintain Page Rank or Increase It

Comment Moderation

Always have this option enabled on your site. If you don't, and you never read your comments, people will spam your site to no end. This is the only way to control that.

The Use of Heading Tags as opposed to Bold Face.

Heading tags are extremely important for both pictures and headings. Stay away from bolding youe headings. It may look pretty, but Google will not see any value in it. The use of the tags will allow Google or the other search engines to include that particular heading or picture along with your url in the searches.


Let's keep this simple shall we.

  • Choose a keyword.
  • Use it in the title.
  • Use it in the first 100 characters of your post.
  • Don't stuff it everywhere.
  • Use a variation of the word. example Google pagerank, page-rank, ranking a page

Submit to Search Engines

This is actually a bit more complicated than it sounds. Google is not going to just include every page on your website if it has no value. And their certainly not going to index your site if you don't submit a sitemap or a feed.

Of course, Google is not the only search engine in cyberspace, although they own most of it. Go Google!

Submitting your site-map and feed to Yahoo, Bing,and Alexa will also help your chances of generating traffic.

Submit your sites main URL at these locations:


Webmaster Centers-This is where you will submit your feed or sitemap


Social Networking

Leave comments on other blogs and websites when you have something valuable to say. Don't spam, because most likely the site owner will delete the comment anyway.


There is no shame in asking for links to your site. If you find a site that writes about the same topic you do, leave a valuable comment and ask for a link. If the site owner finds that the relationship will be conducive to both of you, they will most likely link to you. Quality over Quantity is key.

Page Rank Decreases

To many Useless links

Your front page is filled with blog rolls to sites that don't pertain to yours. It's all well and good to mention your friends sites, but it does both of you no good if the sites have nothing to do with one another.

No One is linking to your site.

If no one is linking to your site, that probably means you are not posting articles with any value. Trying writing what's called a bait link article. Writing about a hot topic allows for more search engine traffic, and not only that, that traffic will take the time to browse your site for any other interesting topics.

You have to many paid posts on your site. If you're not aware that paid posts can make your blog drop off the Google radar, you should listen very closely. Paid posts, most of the time, use follow tags. This simply means that not only is your page rank leaking to these particular sites, but Google is aware that you have been paid for that post. You have to use "no follow" tags, and these are only available from a handful of review sites. Sites like Social Spark, Payperpost, and Reviewme are the best by far.

Not using keywords in the first 100 characters of your posts.

Google typically searches for keywords in the first 100 characters in your posts. If they don't exist, most likely your post won't be indexed and you won't get any traffic.

Your Not being Social

The key to success on the web is relationships. If you are writing interesting content and you see that no one is commenting, that probably means that you don't take enough time to comment on other sites.

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