Crafting Candles: Great prices on Glass Apothecary Jars and Containers

8/14/2009 08:25:00 PM ·

Several years ago, I got the crazy idea to start selling hand crafted bamboo candles and soy candles on Ebay. I was originally going to the nearby craft store to buy those glass candle holders, but it just started getting to expensive. I looked on the internet and found wholesale apothecary jars for a fraction of what I was spending at the craft store.

Nowadays, I tend to make my candles for Christmas gifts and birthdays, but I always like to be unique adding cloves, plants, cinnamon sticks, and shells. I'm actually kind of sneaky about it.

When I visit my friends, I look around and take in the atmosphere and scents. I'm pretty observant, so any themes that they may have in the house usually gets archived in my brain for a later date.

For my mom, since she lives in Michigan, I collected a Petosky stone, some drift wood pieces, and some dried lavender. It does seem a bit odd, but she has a collection of drift wood in her backyard since she lives on Lake Michigan. I added a light sandalwood scent and poured it into a rectangular glass top jar.

She used it all through the season, so this year I have to make another one.

If you are crafty like me, you'll try making anything. And if you know how much store-bought candles are, you'll start making your own.

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