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8/03/2009 09:46:00 AM ·

As a retired restaurant owner, I know how exceedingly important it is to have the perfect dinnerware to display your well crafted cuisine. Personally, I prefer a very simple pattern that frames the food. This is why I always purchased stoneware dinnerware from for the restaurants.

I like to mix my plate-ware, so depending on what entree I'm serving, the plate-ware pattern has to match the food. To make it clear, as a Chef, I use the plate as a blank palate. If the colors don't work, and people always eat with their eyes before their mouths, the cuisine won't work either.

For example:

If I'm cooking a steak or a fresh fish, I like to use the Squared pattern by Corelle to add color, without taking away from the food.

I use the Linea pattern to serve Thai or Cold noodle salads and my customers just adore the dishes, as well as the food.

This has to be my favorite. I served roasted Salmon, asparagus, red mash, with a citrus sauce on the Bay Leaf green pattern. I have these at home.

Like many people, mixing plateware gives your table a sense of style and unique look. However, if you're like my mom, she likes everything to match, so for Christmas I'm buying her the Asian Bloom pattern(top right) from to match her beautiful antique China cabinet.

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