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8/11/2009 07:46:00 PM ·

In the mood for a little terror and ghost stories, I started looking around for great site that shares paranormal and ghost information and stories. You know, it actually took me a while. I was looking up best ghost sites, best paranormal sites, and I was coming up dry.

I finally found the Australian Paranormal Society and what actually drew me in when I landed on the homepage was the music, which is odd because I can't stand when music starts automatically on a site. This worked!

They looked like they just launched this year, so they have submission page for videos, articles, pictures, you know evidence. I think it has a bright future, so if you have any stories, check them out.

The Australian Paranormal Society ( A.P.S ) - founded and coordinated by Allison Andrews ( Investigator and Researcher for the Australian TV series "Haunted Australia") - is a professional team of paranormal investigators who are located in Melbourne, Australia.

The A.P.S - is a 'not-for-profit' organization - that consists of a professional team of individuals 'with varying skills and a broad range of expertise' who are dedicated to researching and understanding unexplained phenomena worldwide - and we provide a 'free onsite assessment' for residential and commercial customers

We approach each reported incident with sensitivity , fully respecting the person's worldview and religious beliefs , while maintaining full confidentiality. Any evidence gathered on location will remain private and confidential and any public disclosure would remain at the full discretion of the client.

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