CampBowWow: Premier Doggy Day Camps and Pet Sitting

8/17/2009 07:28:00 PM ·

Many of you may have already started planning your holidays this year; however have any of you figured out what to do with your dogs while you're away? Well, this year my fiance and I are traveling up north to Indiana for a few days to stay with his parents, and then a couple days with my mom and step-dad who live in Michigan. We have decided to look into CampBowWow, a premier Pet Sitting Business.

Now keep in mind I have a full grown Siberian Husky and a new 4 month old puppy from the Humane Society, however regardless of their adorable looks, they are not welcome to stay where we're staying. I always feel terrible locking them up in a kennel for a week, so I decided this route would allow them to feel comfortable at home, while having the ability to relieve themselves while the sitter was around.

Both of my dogs need a lot of personal attention and they have to get exercise a couple times a day, so allowing a professionally licensed pet sitter to stay the night or visit during the day is a great option, and it's something I can feel comfortable with. They also provide an in home web cam which allows me to monitor the situation from wherever I have computer access, which is everywhere for me.

The agency is only 45 minutes away from my home now, and I'm well aware of their reputation as a premier pet service provider.

They have also established an actual Camp for Dogs, much like the ones we used to attend during the summer. Fun in the sun, games and treats, and a nice comfy bed in a temperature controlled cabin. That's sounds better than my camp experience, sign me up!

If you have a dog and you're in search for doggy day care or camps, you have to check out CampBowWow. They have some of the most experienced pet caregivers in the country, as well as facilities equipped to provide your pooch with first class service.

Check them out today, I'm so glad I did.

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