Bruges-la-Morte: A Place of Ghostly Haunts and Chilling stories

8/11/2009 08:46:00 AM ·

Published Author and friend Patrick Bernauw has the innate ability to send shivers down your spine with his illustrious and creepy tales of murder, ghostly haunts, and revenge. I met Patrick about 6 months ago on Triond hiding behind a profile that had no ability to explain how talented he really is.

Patrick's work was translated in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. He's also an accomplished playwright, performer and producer of music theatre, murder mystery and city games. It's really my honor to be a friend of his. Read more about Bruges la Morte

In 1970, the building was in a terrible state: it had no longer foundations, because the wooden posts had rotted away, and it could collapse at any moment. The house that is now to be found at No. 17, Spaniard Street (Spanjaardstraat), was completely demolished. Only the facades and the gates were saved. The workers however, discovered in the cellars the entrance to an underground tunnel…

The house on Spaniard Street was so ancient that the original date had been lost, but a stone set into a wall said it was restored in 1616 and a map of the city showed it to have stood there already in 1562. Prior to that period, and probably since the 13th century, it formed a convent with three houses on either side of it.

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