Seven Solar-Powered Technologies

7/08/2009 09:11:00 AM ·

Alternative energy is the new wave of the future. Industry is supplying the society with the tools it needs to go beyond the means of destruction of the natural earth. Valli explains seven solar-powered technologies using nano technology.

Solar Concept Tent

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Solar Concept Tent is designed by Telecom giant Orange in conjunction with an American firm Kaleidoscope.

Specialty: There is no need of candles or torches. This tent automatically charges from sun during the day and emits glow at night. The tent would be covered in a semi-photovoltaic fabric woven with coated solar threads as well as conventional threads to form a solar shell and adjusted to face optimum sun throughout the day. This solar energy would be channeled mainly into heating, lighting, communications and recharging. Read the Full Article on Seven Solar-Powered Technologies

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