The Past is Alive in Time Capsules

7/20/2009 10:52:00 AM ·

Most of us want to be remembered, appreciated, and looked up to. We want a part of our past to be left behind for others to find and to ponder. The existence of time capsules has allowed us to do this.

A lock of hair, a medal of honor, a poem, a key to a city, a pair of shoes, a photograph. These are the many things that happen to find their way into a capsule or cache containing the remnants of histories past. In most cases, these artifacts are buried during a celebratory event for a city or state and are meant to be opened several years down the road.

However, there are those that are unintentional and wind up being discovered thousands of years later after they were placed in the ground. These unintentional caches are of cultural significance found in standard archaeological digs “as well as those from volcanic eruptions such as Pompeii and Vesuvius.”

According to my readings, the Epic of Gilgamesh begins with directions on how to acquire “a box of copper inside a foundation stone in the great walls of Uruk - in the box is Gilgamesh's tale, written on a lapistablet.” Read More

The Crypt of Civilization

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