Growing Older Can Sometimes Be Frustrating

7/15/2009 06:01:00 PM ·

Recently my fiance's parents came into town for a summer vacation. His mom, whose 67 years old, drove all the way here from Indiana. However, his dad suffered from a stroke several years ago so wasn't able to assist with the driving.

When they arrived, I noticed that his dad was acting kind of strange. His mom mentioned that she thought he may have suffered a mini stroke on the way down from the stress of not being at home.

He shoveled his feet around the house and could barely make his way down the hallway.

Well, being the person I am, I borrowed an electric scooter from my friend that is taking care of her grandma. She didn't us it anymore and I thought it would help him get around so much easier.

He was having so much fun with it during the entire week. He even ditched us in Walmart for a complete hour to shop around by himself. He thought it was hilarious and I knew he needed to feel more independent.

When they got home, my fiances mom called me and said she had purchased a scooter for her husband. She said he was getting around much easier and he was able to go places he was unable to go before.

I was so glad she found a way for him to feel comfortable in his own home. My fiances parents are the kind of people that are grateful for the simplest of things, and considering they thought what I did was a great deed, I was happy for them.

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