Five Fish with Amazing Mouths

7/21/2009 02:36:00 PM ·

Jo Oliver takes us into the deep waters and waterways with these fascinating, frightening, and anomalous creatures.

At first glance, not many would be afraid of the Candiru, a tiny translucent parasitic freshwater catfish just six inches or less. But, these parasites have been documented to swim into the human urethra of males as the urethra expands during urination. Sensory barbs surround the head and backward pointing spines line the gill covers. The Candiru samples the Amazon River water for expelled urea and ammonia from the gills of other aquatic life. Once the prey is located, the Candiru uses the spines to lodge itself into the gills of the prey with lightening speed. The Candiru then begins to gnaw into the nearest blood vessel..
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