The Fastest Internet Speed in the United States

7/18/2009 11:29:00 AM ·

I spend over 8 hours a day online writing, blogging, and doing other work, and my slow internet speed can really be frustrating. Surprisingly, I have DSL from a reputable cable company, but the problem is I still don't see a difference and I paid extra for the highest speed.

Recently, I got an email from my stepbrother telling me about Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service which is the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and one of the fastest in the U.S. He has been living in Missouri for several years now with his band, and they use the internet for podcasts, updating their myspace page, and of course their hard core gaming tendencies. He told me that Phatband speed completely eliminates the lag time during gaming, which I knew was also very important to my fiance who is addicted to Xbox 360.

Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service is the first Phatband speed rolling out throughout the year all over the country, and I can't wait until it reaches Florida. My biggest pet peeve is a slow internet speed, and it looks as though DSL will replace dial-up as the slowest form of connection-I think it's time for a change don't you?

I can't wait until Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service comes to Florida, since I'm always the first to try the latest in highspeed technology.

If you'd like more information check out the Ultra60 Information Page as well as Charter’s Twitter Feed which is storming the internet with a vengeance.


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