Extra Terrestrials Have Invaded Roswell Where Capitalizing on Conspiracy is a Way of Life

7/21/2009 08:13:00 AM ·

I will admit, believing that we are not alone in this life is an interesting thought. The only evidence I have ever seen has been in movies, pictures posted in newspapers and online, and National Enquirer magazines stating the Alien impregnated my sister.

However, the most notorious and well known city for Extra Terrestrial sightings is in Roswell, New Mexico.

In 1947, Roswell became a city of immense speculation after a supposd Alien spaceship crashed and the remains were covered up by the government.

The remains of the landing, along with the bodies, were originally shipped to Roswell Base. They eventually ended up at Wright Patt Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. I am originally from Ohio and lived just 15 minutes south of the base.

I remember hearing stories from friends and their parents who worked at the base. There were certain people that had seen the remains, and so the landing remained a truth to me while I was growing up. As I got older and wiser, I started to doubt the stories. It wasn't until I saw a documentary on one of the former Wright Patt officers that had witnessed the remains coming into Dayton for the first time, that started to question everything I had every known about life on other planets.

This was on a reputable channel on television, however there is only some truth to every story. Stories get twisted and confused along the way. So why do you ask is Roswell one of the mysterious sites to visit in the US? Well, it helps that the local businesses play up to the tourists, making the town a virtual alien playground.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center located in Roswell was created in an old movie theater. There are hundreds of displays and artifacts that were found at the crash site and in other locations.


This is a display of an alien that was speculated to have been present in Roswell. An interesting display at the UFO Museum depicting an alien autopsy.

In wouldn't be appropriate if corporate giants were left out of the mix. Big business is starting to follow the trend and benefit from the mass speculations in Roswell. Big surprise!

If Aliens are like humans in anyway, then they will love fast food. It's just too bad that we are promoting bad health to these extra terrestrials. In a couple of months, they'll be hard to miss when they appear at their first Weight Watchers meeting.

Oh yes, Aliens do love Wal-Mart. They truly appreciate the fact that a target was drawn on the side of the building so they can not only shop for discount plastic toys, but they can blow it up when their done. Of course, this adds to the speculation that aliens are intermittently evil.

Their always watching us! At least until the painted eyes wash off the light posts.

Although the happenings in Roswell still remain a question of truth, the city continues to capitalize on the ghost stories and speculation of that day.

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