Daytona State College Anatomy I and II

7/29/2009 09:20:00 PM ·

I just wanted to make a quick update for all of my Daytona State readers. If you are planning to return back to school this fall and Anatomy I or II is on y0ur schedule, let me give you a few quick hints to get through the class flawlessly.

Of course, I do know that depending on the professor you have, there are different ways to study to maintain or achieve an A all through the class. Most of the professors use power-points and don't care for the textbook, although the lab manual is awesome.

As for Lab practicals, Dr. Lovell is in charge of those so I would suggest going to open labs, if they're available of course. Also, utilize the disk you receive with the lab manual. The disk has anatomical pictures, models, and slides of everything you need to know. I used this disk for both sections and I got high A's on all of my practicals.

  • Print out the power-points and bring them to class everyday.You don't need the book unless you're really just reading it for fun. There are some diagrams, but I didn't crack my book open for either section and I got A's on the tests.
  • Don't memorize your notes, understand them. What I mean is, treat the power-points like a story. Make sure you understand the first slide and then work your way through the others. It's a working system.
  • Start studying the power-points the day you receive them. I mean it! If you wait until a few days ahead to study for the test, well it's your own fault.
  • Go to SI (Supplemental Instruction). The first day you go to class, the SI instructor will introduce themselves and give you a survey. They will ask for your schedule so the sessions can be worked out for everyone's benefit.
  • If you don't want to use SI, which is up to you, there are tutors in the Academic Support Center that can help. Or, if you're lucky enough to find me in the lab writing or maintaining my blogs, you can ask me a question. Just ask for the Math Guru Kelly, he'll know where to find me.
Hope these tips helped. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or Don't spam me!

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