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7/31/2009 07:56:00 AM ·

I recently heard about Mya Cosmetic Surgery from a close childhood friend that moved to the UK several years ago. He explained to me that he had found a company that specialized in Male Plastic Surgery, and he was going to have a tummy tuck.

I was very surprised considering he was always in such great shape growing up; however, he told me he had gained a substantial amount of weight from the stress and poor eating habits with some overweight buddies from work. He said he had lost most of the weight, but his stomach was in bad shape and normal weight training wasn’t helping to tone it up.

I told him I was concerned for his health and wanted to make sure he was making the right decision. He assured me that Mya Cosmetic Surgery was the best in the area for tummy tucks. They provided free consultations to all of their clients, along with a special meeting with the surgeon before the surgery, this was also free. They insisted on an overnight stay so they could monitor the progress of their clients.

I was pleasantly surprised. In my neck of the woods, this is quite rare to have such wonderful and personal experience before ever entering into an agreement for surgery. They also offer a 24 hour helpline for questions, concerns, or emergencies. You really don’t see this very often.

He actually sent me before and after pictures and I was impressed to say the least. To be quite honest, I was looking into some surgery myself, but normal concerns and the fact that I just can’t find a surgeon I like nearby has always been an issue. However, being that he had such a wonderful experience with his surgery at Mya, I would definitely consider having a consultation with them.

My opinions on tummy tuck procedures have completely changed. I believe that when you come to a point that exercise and dieting is not correcting the issue at hand, it’s imperative to have the surgery. Not only that, if you have loose skin or fat hanging from that area, it puts huge pressure on your back which is a part of the body that always needs such close attention .

Personally, after I lose the rest of my weight, I will be having a breast lift and Mya Plastic Surgery is the company that will perform it.

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