The Bizarre and Twisted Evolution of HH Holmes Castle of Horrors

7/10/2009 05:20:00 PM ·

By the turn of the century, the last frontier was over and America was moving from a rural to an urban society. America was replaced by uncaring cities and industry, where transients walked the streets looking for any kind of work.


This society, a place where residents knew nothing about one another, killers were going undetected.

This was the case of H.H. Holmes Castle of Horror. Holmes appeared to be anything but the devil with his dashing goods looks and gentleman's attire. He was also a shrewd business man, a con artist, and the most organized of all serial killers known throughout history.

Like many troubled youth, being tormented by other children was a way of life. The bullies surrounding him once took him to the doctors office and fondled him with a skeleton; however, the situation was gratifying and exhilarating to Holmes. He continued through childhood experimenting on kittens, dogs, cats, and rats, maximizing the suffering by using his own hands and instruments of torture. Read More about HH Holmes

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