The Benenfits and Innovative Ideas of Distance Learning

7/27/2009 09:00:00 AM ·

As a college student, a full time blogger, and a writer, I know how important it is to have the time and schedule to succeed in my endeavors.

It's not always easy to make it to campus everyday, while maintaining my articles, blogs, and journals. That's why I looked into distance learning, or rather remote classroom instruction(RCI) from k alliance.

K Alliance is revolutionizing the online classroom experience, and I should know, I spent half my time in classrooms and the other half with online courses.

Like many other students, finding the time to attend classes on campus can be difficult when you have a hectic schedule. This is where distance learning comes in. RCI combines conventional face-to-face instructor-led training with the most up-to-date in conferencing technology, allowing for live training to be accessible from multiple locations at the same time.

Students may choose to use their own computers at their home or they can access their classes at the K Alliance's training centers. The experience is interactive, which is a wonderful option for students who learn from visual stimulation and live lectures.

Personally, I found the experience to be very helpful. I was required, in the beginning of my degree, to complete some computer courses; however, my schedule was jammed pack and I couldn't make any of the on site classes fit in to my schedule. This option was perfect!

If you are looking to go back to school, and you'd like to experience all of the wonderful and innovative options available, distance learning is something you should really look in to.

Whether you’re preparing for a career in web development or just want to brush up your skills, distance learning courses will help you become an expert in your field.

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