Lost at Sea: Shipwrecks

6/16/2009 08:13:00 AM ·

Although we usually associate the unfortunate shipwrecks found in the ocean as sunken treasure, sometimes these amazing vessels end up washed on shore, let for all those that seek an untold story.

RJ Evans explains what happens when you use a single anchor to ride out a storm and the chain of the anchor is too short. The ship, the New Carissa, dragged its anchor and the crew failed to notice that the ship was moving. Once they did detect movement it was too late to properly raise the anchor and move away from the shoreline. The anchor was raised but by this point it was too late for the ship to be saved.Read More

Discovered and Undiscovered Beautiful Riches of the Deep:

describes billions of dollars worth of gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds and rubies that sunk with ships many years ago, never to be found. They remain as treasures of the vast oceans around the world.

Starting around 1300 A.D. a vast amount of treasure vessels traveling around the world encountered enemy ships, enormous storms and hurricane's only to sink to there resting-place on the floor of the ocean where much treasure still remains. The ocean holds some depth of water far to deep for man to travel where billions of dollars in undiscovered shipwrecked treasure still lies but the discovered shipwrecks in these depths can be salvaged by man using costly robotic equipment and submersible subs as seen in the photo. Read More

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