Guiding Young Girls Along the Right Path

6/29/2009 06:50:00 AM ·

Last May, I had traveled to Pensacola Florida with my fiancé to enjoy the weather, and attend a wedding of one of my closest girlfriends. The trip was not all geared towards fun in the sun; however, it did give both my fiancé and I the opportunity to educate ourselves on the local activities.

The Evangel House, which is simply a Theraputic Boarding High School, was having their Family Challenge Retreat held every May, not far from the wedding location. Considering my fiancé, many years ago, used to be an associate pastor and house father at BoysTown, he was interested in seeing how local clubs, camps, and groups were giving back to families and communities.

What we did observe was a wonderful facility that provides girls with the necessary skills to fight substance abuse, along with facing family issues that the young girls couldn’t face on their own.

Mark Barrentine, the founder of the Evangel House, is a licensed clinical social worker and Christian Psychotherapist. He received his Master of Social Work degree from Tulane University in 1996. In November 1999, Mr. Barrentine was appointed Executive Director of Teen Challenge of Acadiana. Through his tenure there he developed the unique Evangel House therapeutic treatment model which integrates professional Christian counseling with biblical values.

The school is staffed with teachers, many of whom have their Masters degrees in education, social workers, and psychologists willing to put in the time to help young girls live a full and satisfying life.

If you are planning on moving to St. Martinville, Louisiana during your teens transition, rest assured you’ll feel at home in this historic town which was once the home of Cajun culture and traditions, and it is in the heart of Cajun Country.

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