The Best and Worst Professors and Employees At Daytona State & Why

6/05/2009 06:39:00 AM ·

I wanted to welcome the many Daytona State College students that have been visiting my blog everyday. Isn't it funny how I actually come up as the first position when you look up Daytona State? Very interesting. Someone needs a bit more practice in SEO marketing. That was so uncalled for!

I was just curious, I have been at Daytona State now for over one year, and I have had some pretty interesting experiences so far. Some good, some bad, and some really ugly.

I thought it would be a big help for the people visiting to hear about the experiences you have been having with the professors at Daytona State College. I have many readers from out of the country asking me about applying to Daytona State, so for them, this would be a big help.

I know that there's already a site called Rate My professor, however I thought that if you had more than 4 words to say about your experience, I would love to hear it, and I will be more than happy to post it.

Here are the categories:

Best or Worst Department
Best or Worst Science Professor
Best or Worst Math Professor
Best or Worst History Professor
Best or Worst Computer Professor
Best or Worst English Professor
Best or Worst Social Science Professor
Best and Worst Club
Best and Worst Tutor
Nastiest Lunch Lady

Did I forget you? Let me know.

My picks

Best Department: MATH-Highly organized all the time. The professors are brilliant.

Worst Department: IT-Sorry guys, but the complaints about the site being totally backwards, you can never find anything, and it's a bit boring. It's down right now!!!! AWWW

Best English: Professor Forbes-English has never been so fun. I got a high A in his class, which is not easy.

Best Math: I have 2 votes so far-Erica Blanken and Margaret Overbey

Best Science: You guessed it. Dr. Lovell, The Lovell God

Best Social Science: Amy Osmon hands down. This woman is incredible. Her classes are interesting an fun, and she's getting her Masters in Archaeology. Very cool!

Best Tutor: Kelly Wade-This guy is a math guru. I think he will be teaching at Daytona State Next Summer.

Nastiest Lunch Lady: The lady that makes my eggs at the cafeteria. She is mean as dirt and completely talentless behind the counter. I should know, I owned two restaurants, I can cook 50 pastas at once, and she has the capabilities of, well I'll just stop right there.

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