When Will the “Freedumb” Party Start Believing in Freedom?

5/16/2009 09:05:00 AM ·

It seems as though the blogosphere is buzzing with Freedom and Government talk. Of course, considering I had the pleasure of ruffling some feathers with my American Dreams piece, I have found another quality, opinionated article that strikes you where it hurts.

So there was a bit of a hubbub over Rick Sanchez’ remarks on April 28th when interviewing Senator Jim DeMint R-S.C. There was a clip on the Daily Show and it was chatted up on both sides of the blogosphere. The exchange goes like this:

Rick Sanchez: He (Sen. Arlen Spector) seems to be saying that Republicans are making it very difficult for other Republicans to win because - and he said this several times, you tell me what you think of it - you’re shrinking the electorate to an extreme where a regular republican can’t win.

Sen Jim DeMint: That’s quite the opposite. We’re seeing across the country right now Read More

Written by Cameron Ottens

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