The Unorthodox Chef: It's back on

5/20/2009 12:29:00 PM ·

For about a month now, I have neglected my food blog the Unorthodox Chef because of my experiences with the restaurants. I felt very resentful and I had lost all hope in the system. As of yesterday, everything has finally been put behind me.

I still believe when I wrote about the American Dream and how that pertained to me, I was being completely truthful. No one ever told me what I really needed to know in Culinary School. Giving someone the basics and making them chop carrots for 2 weeks straight sure did prepare me to do payroll and taxes. HAH!

I did, however, want to reintroduce my food blog which has been around a little while now. The one thing I really love about the Unorthodox Chef is that is combines my edgy attitude with some pretty bizarre recipes and stories of my restaurant experiences.

If you love Friends Revolution, you're going to love this blog.

Now, without further a due, I wanted to reintroduce the Unorthodox Chef

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