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5/23/2009 04:47:00 PM ·

Coconut Crab: A Very Large Land Crab

These are the largest arthropod in the world and likely near or at the upper limit of how large land crabs with exoskeletons can be. They not only look a lot like the common hermit crab only much larger, when they are juveniles they do in fact wear disposable shells just like hermit crabs do. They discard these shells for increasingly larger ones until they attain a size and tenure and no longer require them. Then they discard the borrowed shell, and their soft body part hardens and they no longer require the 'house' shell. Read More

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Bizarre and Beautiful Species Found in Nature

The traits that occur within these species are directly proportional to the gene pools that exist in the ecological balance. The more these species mate and live within these pools; the more of the dominant traits will remain causing an outpouring of these particular species to populate.

I stumbled upon these rare beauties accidentally when I was researching my own Sable wolf. The markings were truly phenomenal, consisting of light golden fur, orange stripes, and very pale legs. The colors are derived from a recessive gene that creates a somewhat strawberry color variation. Read More

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