Philadelphia: A Captain of Industry and Innovation

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Philadelphia is home to some of the most famous historical artifacts and destinations in the country. Not only that, I was born not too far from this incredible city in 1977, when industry was king and homes cost a fraction of what they cost now.

Philadelphia was in a central location in the colonies which made it an innate center for America's Revolutionaries. “The city itself hosted the First Continental Congress before the war, the Second Continental Congress, which signed the United States Declaration of Independence, during the war, and the Constitutional Convention after the war.”

Not only that, during the 19th century, Philadelphia was home to some of the most recognizable captains of industry including William Cramp and Sons Ship and Engine Building Company, Baldwin Locomotive Works, and the Pennsylvania Railroad. One of my favorite historical events in Philadelphia was in 1876 when the US Centennial was celebrated, along with the very first official World's Fair in the United States.

Philadelphia never falls short of entertaining its guests, providing historical sites and landmarks including the famous Liberty Bell, a symbol for our independence and the American Revolutionary War. Also on display is a statue of Rocky Marciano, the heavyweight champion of the world from 1952-1956 and many sculptures and tributes to the enormously important Benjamin Franklin.

In 1793, Franklin set forth a scheme for The Academy and College of Philadelphia. “He was appointed president of the academy in November 13, 1749, and it opened on August 13, 1751. At its first commencement, on May 17, 1757, seven men graduated; six with a Bachelor of Arts and one as Master of Arts. It was later merged with the University of the State of Pennsylvania to become the University of Pennsylvania.”
Today, Philadelphia remains a captain of industry contributing to healthcare, food processing purveyors, biotechnology, tourism, oil refinement, and tourism. If you are planning a a historical trip this summer, make sure you put Philadelphia on your list.

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Written by Lauren Axelrod
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