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5/26/2009 08:01:00 AM ·

Every holiday I tell myself that I'm going to start shopping early. I wanted to get all the stress out of the way so I could focus on school. The problem is, I'm the type of shopper that puts alot of thought and creativity into my gifts.

I would try to go to several sites, shopping for everyone on my list, but the problem was that I was paying the double the amount in shipping charges for purchasing one thing at each and every site. Well, as of right now, I am looking for the best bargain along with the best shipping charges and I want it all on one site.

As a Chef, I am always looking for the latest in mixers, small wares, processors, flatware, etc.

I found that site! It's only taken me ten years to find it, but it's here. Where else on the web can you find a site that crawls over 180,000 stores, providing you with every option, optimizing you savings and happiness.

This revolutionary site also features "more than 1,300 wiki buying guides, as well as highly acclaimed Search by Color technology and user-generated Video Reviews."

So, if you haven't started shopping this year for any of your special occasions, I suggest sprinting over to this new Shop online website. I'll be right back........................

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