Making Your Blog POP: The Transition from Blog to Website

5/29/2009 07:29:00 PM ·

Recently, I have been playing with blogger templates, and I'm feeling quite limited with the choices that I have. I think when I initially started Friends Revolution, I wanted to keep it simple since I knew nothing about html codes, SEO practices, keywords, you get the gist.

Well, I was remembering several years ago when I set up my website for my restaurant using a web hosting service. I think what really sold me on this was the many options I never really knew I had. This was my very first time setting up a website, and I needed specific directions to present my menu, posts, and other pertinent information that pertained to my restaurant in a well formatted template. Hosting my website allowed me to do all of this.

The main reason I choose web hosting over a normal blog was because of some advice I received from a friend of mine that was a web designer. He explained to me the importance of owning my own domain and having the easy options with a web hosting service to go in a make updates to the blog myself.

I do own my domain at the present time, however I am trying to make the transition to a web hosting service that will allow me to add in a slide show of my present articles, a forum, and well, I just need more options and room for my creativity.

If you are planning on making the change from a normal blog to a website, that I suggest looking into some web hosting sites. You will have so many options to make your site a success like:

  • full reign over the template
  • forum and free domain set up
  • free yahoo marketing
  • free Google adwords
  • SEO assistance

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